Can Hair Transplant change my life?

10 Aug 2018 Cutis-care

Many people believe that cosmetic surgery can rise up their level of confidence. Well, what are your reasons for considering this?
I am Sudip and look younger. Younger in a sense of good looking handsome guy with not much pigmentary spots on my face, free from fine line wrinkles with shiny skin tone but no more dense hair on my scalp with backward strapped hairline like I was 55 years old uncle. At the age of 31, I always had a question that DO I REALLY LOOK young ?
Dear Friends! Here My point is, only having good skin and well-shaped body did not mark me as a young man. A good hair line as per my age and good density of hairs was needed which could give me a younger look. It took me almost 3 years to understand this , when I was visiting many cosmetic shops, hair care products, saloon and searching for hair oils and shampoos, which may become a miracle on my scalp. Often I used to be disappointed that nothing could help me to regain my hair back.

The amount of money I spent on these non sense could have saved for the genius decision that I recently made, and guess what now it’s been 7 months of my Hair Transplant done at Cutis care with the team of Dr. Dharmendra Karn , I found my life has changed .
I had no hope in my mind before jumping into hair transplant, but when the doctor cleared me up everything in details I came to know it’s not a big deal “let’s do it”. As a result, I am no more the old Sudip who used to carry the funny looking cap; everywhere in every pictures with friends and family. Believe me or not, I was denied for marriage, just because I did not have good hair, a bald chap, an old guy , a half-hearted look , an out of sight picture and what not .
Now Every day, I have reason to wake up early and go for workout , to smile and to live happily. I have a reason to take a good shower and to keep my hair clean. I have a good reason to have good food and stay fit, physically and mentally. I have a reason to take a confident stand right in front of my mirror to style up differently. Because my life has changed, I challenged nature to go young as much as can. I denied to carry a long face and yes! I can proudly say I decided to go out and show up myself as I am. Today I might be struggling with many more things in life but I am still happy that I did what could be done. Hair transplant has changed my life and can definitely change your life!