Aesthetics concerns with enhancement and rejuvenation of the skin. Our skin faces harmful effects of physical and chemical mediated damage as of pollution, dust, sun and many more. Premature wrinkling, dry and lusterless face and premature age spots are some of the common examples. Thus a daily maintenance of the skin is also of utmost importance.
A thorough cleansing and moisturization of the skin is always mandatory. A skin without effects of moisture appears dull. Further sun protection according to age, skin type, and geographical topography is also needed. A qualified dermatologist can be a guide to these problems.                                      
For further maintenance for an appealing skin, dermatologists perform various aesthetic procedures. Chemical peeling, laser toning, Botulinum injection (BOTOX®), fillers injection, PRP therapy (Platelet-rich plasma therapy), dermaroller are generally performed. They all have their own effects and procedures. A prior thorough consultation with a dermatologist regarding these procedures is recommended.