The field of aesthetic surgery generally involves minimally access surgery to make a cosmetically appealing skin. The history of surgery had evolved via two distinct disciplines: Plastic surgery and Aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgery generally involves the transfer of skin from one part of the body towards another. Aesthetic surgery is a form of minimal access surgery which tries to minimize the injury to tissue and result in the appealing skin.
Laser surgery is another discipline used in dermatosurgery. It uses a special form of light to treat skin conditions. Dermaroller, cryotherapy, minor aesthetic excisions, intra-lesional therapy, split ear repair, nose piercing repair, keloid debulking surgery, cyst excision, punch and excision are the common surgeries performed under dermatosurgery.
There are lots of concerns to the general public regarding the surgical adverse effects. Dermatosurgery being a minimal access surgery under controlled environment under local anesthetic agents, undue complications are not anticipated. The pain during the surgery is often made nil by applying a topical anesthetic cream to the area half an hour before surgery.