LASER is a fascinating word for many patients and clients. It is in fact a very simple light therapy obtained by a very special process. Such Laser light is used in the skin to treat many skin disorders. Further it is often used to tone and rejuvenate the normal skin. The laser light goes into the different layers of the skin and acts upon.
As a matter of disease state it can be used to remove and treat birth marks, mole, unhealthy growth over the skin as warts, pigmentation, melasma, scars of trauma or acne. Hair removal of face and body parts in diseased state as polycystic ovarian disease is also common. As a part of skin rejuvenation, lasers can be used to enhance the skin tone, reduce early wrinkles and lighten the skin.
Many clients are anxious regarding the adverse effect profile of Lasers. It is an established methodology of skin treatment in modern medicine. There are no short term or long term side effects of lasers.