Phototherapy is the procedure where treatment of skin diseases is done using special light. The treatment can be applied to the whole body, a limited part of the body or even using handheld devices(for home use). Phototherapy is especially effective in treatment of following common conditions :

  • VitiligoWhite patches on skin
  • PsoriasisRed, itchy, scaly patches of skin
  • EczemaItchiness, red skin, rashes
  • UrticariaHives ( Red, raised, itchy bumps)


This form of treatment is considered a very good and effective treatment as it is very safe for the body and does not involve any side effects unlike that of medicines. It is even safe for newborn babies and pregnant ladies. The only demerit of this therapy is that the patient needs to visit the phototherapy chamber 2-3 times a week, depending on the condition. However, the results are substantial.

Depending on the severity and progression of the disease, the doctor decides which form of phototherapy would be appropriate.

CutisCare offers services for phototherapy (broadband UVA and narrowband UVB). The whole body, limited body and handheld devices (for home use).

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