Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cutis Care Located?

Cutis Care Pvt. Ltd.
Mid Baneshwor, opposite of Ratna Rajya School, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1-4486200 , +977-1-4480300
Email: [email protected]

What are the services provided by the Clinic?

We provide affordable and quality service of Hair Transplant Surgery, Lasers, Dermato Surgery, Aesthetic Dermatology, Phototheraphy, Diseases of Skin, Hair and Nail.

How can I get Appointment of Dr.Dharmendra Karn?

Please call at 01-4486200 for the appointment or fill up this form for the online appointment http://bit.ly/2TFNmZW. We will call you after we receive an appointment.

Do you have services of Hair Transplant?


Yes we provide quality service of FUE and FUT hair transplant for Scalp hair loss (baldness), eyebrow and beard / mustache transplant.

Do you How can I treat my Acne & Acne Scars?

We do have treatments for your skin concern but we need to see the patient at the clinic first. Please call at 01-4486200 for the appointment or fill up this form for the online appointment http://bit.ly/2TFNmZW or else Please leave us your contact number and we will call you to assist with your booking. Thank you !

Does Vitiligo has complete and permanent solution?

Yes, Vitiligo is a treatable condition if you take care properly on time. If you want to consult with Dr. Dharmendra, you can call us for an appointment on 01-4486200. Thank you !

Do you provide laser treatment for multiple Sebaceous Cyst on Scrotum?

Yes we do have facilities with a wide range of lasers. Please visit us for needful advice and management.

Do you have services for Scalp micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation can be done, as its not a big deal however we do not honestly suggest that to anyone because it is out dated procedure and has lots of long term effects.It would be better if you visit our doctor for other optional & best option as ur needful.

Do you do stem cell treatment ?

Yes we do have facilities. Please visit our dermatologist for needful advice and management.

Do you provide Chin reduction service?

Yes, we do have laser service for Chin reduction. Please call at 01-4486200 for more details. Thank you!

Do you examine child skin problem in clinic?

A child’s skin tends to be more delicate than adult’s and they need to be taken care very carefully. So we are here to solve all skin related problems of child as well.